APRC expresses concern over rise in violent crime

The former ruling party APRC has expressed concern over state of insecurity in the Gambia describing the country as ‘the epicentre of criminality’.

The party’s concern comes amid a rise in violent crimes such as killings, rape, shoplifting and knife stabbing. 

In a tweet, the party said: “The Gambian State is suffering a total collapse. We’re now the epicentre of criminality in the sub-region. Broad daylight fraud from Ministers/Lawyers at Ministry of Justice, and multiple murders daily.”

The party said the country was safer when ex-president Jammeh was in power. 

 “Under Jammeh, they’ll commit same crimes and blame him and security forces.”

APRC claimed that crimes committed by criminals were blamed on former leader Yahya Jammeh, who now lives in exile in Equatorial Guinea after the end of his 22-year rule.

Meanwhile former president Jammeh has also spoken about the state of insecurity in an audio interview that has gone viral. 

In the audio Jammeh said The Gambia has become “a country of insults and human sacrifices. People are dying like frogs. When I was there even frogs were safe.”

Last month the police launched a joint security patrol in a bid to curb crimes within the greater Banjul, resulting in the arrest of more than 200 suspected criminals. Some of the suspects await appearance in a court of law while those found innocent had been released.

Despite the joint security patrol, thousands of Gambians want more to be done by the authorities to keep the country safer ahead of December 4 presidential election. 

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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