Banky says two term presidency is bad for Gambia

Presidential hopeful Bankole Ahadzie says two term presidency is bad for Gambian politics as it perpetuates lifelong presidency and corruption.

Bankole, commonly known as Banky, is the first Rasta and pro-cannabis politician in The Gambia.

He said it was best to enact a one-term presidency in the constitution “because if one stays beyond one term, one would no longer work for the people but rather for oneself”.

He added that he will serve for one term if he is elected president in December 4 presidential election. 

Banky said his manifesto is the blueprint to transform the Gambia and include a D1 billion fund for sports development in the country.

He said the country should avoid repeating the failings of past governments which include “punishing” opposition areas and leaving out of development projects.

“Previous governments would punish communities for not voting for them and the best example is Yahya Jammeh, who had the longest time punishing the people of Kiang because he did not win there.”

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