Committee to decide on Gambia’s Draft Constitution

The United States-based International Republican Institute has been tasked to set up a new committee to look into the tug-of-war over the rejected Gambia’s Draft Constitution and help broker a solution in order to send the contentious book to a referendum.

This comes after fourth mediation talks by former Nigerian President Dr Goodluck Jonathan failed as the United Democratic Party and the National People’s Party differed over the contentious retroactive clause.

The committee is expected to submit its report in three weeks time.

Mamma Kandeh, leader of Gambia Democratic Congress, described the situation as ‘at a critical stage’ adding he doesn’t want a setting up of a new committee.

“We are giving it two or three weeks to see what type of things are going to be set up…to look at things technically,” Mr Kandeh said.

“Actually, it shouldn’t have dragged to this level, it should have been solved since December [2020], but because where political parties are involved there are talks here and there.”

The People’s Progressive Party says it is hopeful there will be a breakthrough. 

“We will never lose hope that’s why from PPP point of view, we are hopeful,” said Kebba Jallow, who was recently elected  the party leader in a controversial congress. 

Mr Jallow said the retroactive clause should be scrapped out of the Draft Constitution, saying “you cannot bring a law today and enact [it]. We support the non inclusion of the retroactive law.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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