December 30 State House attackers remembered

Three Gambian soldiers killed during the failed December 30, 2014 attacked on the State House have been remembered.

Col. Lamin Sanneh, Capt Njaga Jagne and Alagie Jaja Nyass lost their lives when they attempted to seize the State House in a bid to topple the Jammeh government. 

The D30 Foundation which was set up in their honour said in a statement on Wednesday that “They  risked everything to attempt a daring rescue of their nation and its citizenry from the clutches of brutality. 

“They all knew the risks, yet they were driven by a cause greater than them. In their effort to bring freedom to their people, three of these gallant sons of the land laid down their lives. 

“Their heavy gift was in effort to secure freedom for everyone of us and our future generations. They are Colonel Lamin Sanneh, Captain Njaga Jagne, and Sergeant Alagie Jaja Nyass.

“Indeed they were proven right. It was only the threat of looming and eminent force from the ECOWAS Military Intervention in The Gambia (ECOMIG) that finally removed dictator Jammeh from power.

“This year marks the sixth year since the D30 Heroes gave all to their beloved Gambia. We implore all patriots to honour their memory by cherishing the peoples’ freedom that these gallant men watered with their blood. 

“We ask each Gambian to commit to their own individual responsibility in guarding the freedom that was paid for so heavily by not only these heroes of December 30th, 2014, but by many others whose blood and sacrifices have stained this soil and watered our collective freedom. 

“Let each of us hold our self responsible for ensuring that this country will never again kneel down from the pain of our people.

“We pray for Colonel Lamin Sanneh, Captain Njaga Jagne, and Sergeant Alagie Jaja Nyass. We pray for ALL victims of tyranny, and for the souls of all Gambians, and indeed all Africans who gave their lives for the freedom of their people. 

“At this moment, we ask everyone in the nation to join us in remembering their sacrifices and what compelled such heroes to give so heavily of themselves in an effort to rescue their motherland. Join us to pay tribute, pray for their souls to rest in eternal peace, and celebrate their legacy.”

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