Dou Sano sets record straight on NPP executive

President Adama Barrow’s adviser Dou Sano has maintained that he is still a senior member of the National People’s Party despite not being named in the new executive.

Mr Sano was responding to his critics a week after the party unveiled its new executive which included cabinet ministers.

“I just gave a chance to others but I’m fully inside [NPP]. Everybody knows I’m a politician, but you cannot take all. You sometimes have to give others a chance to adopt. 

“Both President Adama Barrow and I want to leave the party with Gambians to continue working for The Gambia,” Mr Sano said.

He said he opted out of the executive due to his current role as a presidential adviser, adding that he was part of the people who selected the interim executive of the party.

“It’s not bad. I’m already at the top. I was part of the executive selection, but you know as a president political adviser and I advised him about politics, whatever happened will come back to me.

“You have to give chances to others. Being a founding father doesn’t mean you own all. I can tell you there is no decision taken that I am not aware of,” he added.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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