Kaur Magistrates’ Court acquits Foroyaa reporter Kebba Secka

Kaur Magistrates’ Court has acquitted Foroyaa reporter, Kebba Secka, after eight months trial.

Mr Secka, a follower of Sering Ndigal, was arrested by personnel of the Police Intervention Unit on 12 June this year on the outskirts of his village, Kerr Mot Hali, URR. 

He was detained for two days and charged with obstructing police officers after witnessing officers manhandling followers of Sering Ndigal. 

After the court ruling, Kebba Secka told reporters his “fundamental right to freedom of religion was attacked and violated” adding “I was brutalised even after the officers obtained evidence of my citizenship and Foroyaa’s press office only because I belong to a different religion.”

Mr Secka described the court’s ruling as another “landmark achievement for me” and said “the outcome of the court is receipt of a battle of truth against untruths.”

“We must bear in mind that the progress of this nation is everyone’s business and there is no benefit in going after one another unnecessarily,” he said.

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