Opinion | I will not be bullied into joining the UDP

If UDP is a religion, it is not my faith and I am not a member neither a follower. I will never be bullied into joining any party in the Gambia. 

I was hopeful that after a brutal dictatorship we have formed a comraderie that will transcend partisanship and encourage dialog on parties and policies that will take Gambia to a new democratic dispensation. 

But God, I was wrong. The current political horizon is murky and I will not be bullied to party cultism. I will continue to sensitize the people of Kombo to vote tactically for the benefit and interest of their communities. 

For over 40 years kombongkas are clapping behind political parties who don’t have their interest at heart. Now they must choose wisely or cut to the chase  eventually forming, involving encouraging their own people into politics. 

Their lands have been butchered by reckless corrupt government officials and locals who have no moral or emotional connection to Kombo. 

How on earth do I know former Lands Minister Lamin Dibba is UDP member? Just like the current one Musa Drammeh he made no efforts to help Kombongkas. 

In fact the only answer Dibba had for them always was that ” KomboKas I cannot help you with your land issues”. Coming from the Lands minister. So condescending, irresponsible from a government authority and so unfair. 

By mentioning his name UDP folks as usual think they can twist this matter, insinuating a regional and anti UDP conflict or matter. 

Either way they perceive it, I will just have to make this clear. I will not be bullied by any UDP member friend or foe. And a reminder to some of you that you do not have monopoly over nastiness, rudeness, lack of manners or expletives. 

We can all rain it as necessary. And it shall be executed accordingly and I know exactly where I will direct it to. If you think I am blowing this out of proportion, then you did not have your elders and children’s lands confiscated by brutal, corrupt government officials. 

You don’t know what the community is going through right now. The former and current Lands minister have no emotional or professional connection or willingness to tackle Kombo land issues.

To the contrary, they have showed they have no interest whatsoever in kombo land matters. Both the land Ministers and majority of these land butchers in Lands office and Physical Planning all have one thing in common. 

They are not from Kombo, probably reason they are insensitive to all lands issues in kombo. They have over the years confiscated lands from our elders, conniving and manipulating some local crooks, some alkalos and chiefs into this corrupt heartless land enterprise. 

It’s about time Kombo stands for itself. I do not belong to any political party in the Gambia as yet. Am just watching for now. I cherish and have utmost respect for certain UDP members who treat people with respect and are crafty in appealing to their opponents to come join them. 

The likes of Saihou Saidily, Lamin Sanneh former head OIC, Ebrima Dibba, Fatou Cham, UDP Sukuta, Jainaba Bah of Sweden etc. 

I wish them all the best of luck and may the best party wins for Gambia. I will continue to advise Kombonkas to vote wisely and eventually set up their own parties or push their young vibrant interlectuals into politics. WaSalaam

By Fatou Jaw Manneh

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