The anti-Barrow political group, 3 Years Jotna, has complained of police harassment after the cancellation of a fundraising show for lack of permit.

Police raided a fundraising event organised by the group on Friday and shut it down.

The group’s leaders have called the police actions “provocative” and “suppressing peaceful assembly”.

Yankuba Darboe, an executive member of the 3 Years Jotna group, said in a press briefing that the police actions were “illegal”.

Mr Darboe, who is also a member of the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP), accused President Adama Barrow of “using the police to violate the rights and liberties of Gambians.”

He claimed that President Barrow was “steering the country to a dictatorship”.

The 3 Years Jotna is a political group with the objective of getting President Barrow to step down from office and honour his election promises of serving for three years. The group has given the president a January 20 deadline to step down or be forced out of office.

President Barrow has already made his position clear that he would serve his full five year term.

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