The Supreme Islamic Council has announced Saturday May 23 as Eid day in the Gambia after late moon “sighting”.

The Council said in a statement in the early hours of Saturday morning “after our initial announcement, (the council) has received confirmed news of the Crescent Moon been sighted in countries in the ECOWAS region such as Mali, Niger, Senegal and Ivory Coast,”

“Thus the Council wishes to renounce (sic) tomorrow Saturday 23rd May 2020 as the 1st day of Shawwal. Therefore tomorrow Saturday 23rd May 2020 will be observed as Eid-ul-Fitr (Koriteh) in The Gambia.”

This has created confusion as it was announced when the majority of the country had gone to sleep accepting that Eid would be on Sunday. 


  1. Avatar Mussa Mussa Ame says:

    mashaallah have blessed eid

  2. Avatar Saad Mustafa Zaman says:

    Dear Gambia.

    It saddens me that you people have such unintelligent leaders who do not know how to distinguish between a truthful testimony and a false one. And as a result, you are “celebrating” Eid on the wrong day. May Allah guide you.

  3. Ma sha Allah.Eventually sunnah of the prophet is followed.Not everytime people follow saudi arabia as if the moon belongs to them.EID MUBARAK.keep it muslim brothers

  4. Avatar Ibrahim Johansen says:

    This is wrong. All the world celebrating Eid al Fitr on 24th May, as the moon was NOT seen. 22nd May was New moon day, so it could not be visible until today Saturday 23rd. Today it is seen 0.5% of the cresending moon, and therefor Eid is tomorrow 24th. The Gambian SIC is wrong once again. May Allah SWT guide them and you all.

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