The Gambia wins 2019 Tourism Destination of the Year Award. The ‘Smiling Coast’ received the Golden Sun Award for best tourism destination for the year 2019. Ambassador Teneng Mba Jaiteh thanked the organiser’s for choosing The Gambia as a worthy destination.

The Media and Tourism award gala was organized by the German travel channel The ceremony which was attended by over 1500 guests includes celebrities and was broadcasted from 17 stations across Europe. The April 29 award ceremony was held in Munich, Germany.


  1. Avatar Gerhardt Folgeroe says:

    Congratulation to Gambia.
    I allways thought that Gambia is one of the best tourist country, now I have the proof.
    Keep it up Gambia,

  2. Avatar shawn jackson says:

    Congratulations, Gambia

  3. Avatar sarah thomas says:

    Since my very first visit 10 years ago I fell in love with Gambia, it is a mystical magical beautiful country, the people are friendly and caring and happy. Im now an official resident and have bought land and building my home in Gambia. I have no need to visit any other country it has all i need and i feel safe, comfortable and the happiest ive ever been.

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