Five prominent members of the APRC have been expelled for “defying” executive decisions, the party’s deputy spokesman said.

On Thursday, Kittim Jarju of Germany, Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi of UK, Nabou Saho of Sweden, Councillor Lamin Ceesay, Asampulo Atti Jammeh Kunda of Brikama, Amie Jammeh of Germany were expelled from the party.

“Their expulsion is necessitated to redress their actions and behaviours (that) pose (the) threat of jeopardising the harmony and unity of the party,” a statement from the party said.

Deputy spokesman Dodou Jah told Gambiana that “it started some years ago, they always released audios challenging (the) executive decisions whenever we come up with programmes and activities, they (the expelled members) would release audios and tell militants to go against our programmes.

“We feel as a party we reserve all rights to put the party in order (because) they don’t hold any position and the party hasn’t designated them to speak on behalf of (them),” he added.

Mr Jah said lots of allegations are levelled against the party executive, adding “there is verbal accusation that Barrow is giving us money and that we are selling the party.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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