A senior APRC official has said The Gambia is facing a security threat because President Barrow “failed” to follow the advice of former president Yahya Jammeh.

Borry Colley, who is the deputy leader of the former ruling APRC, said Jammeh advice Barrow not to compromise on security of the state. 

“When former president Jammeh was leaving this country, he advised this man [Barrow] to prioritise security because without security he would not be able to develop the country but unfortunately he failed to heed Jammeh’s advice.

“And that is why we are facing a security threat. No one is safe. Killings, stabbings, stealing, robbery and even commodity hikes have become the order of the day.

“People don’t go out displaying their mobile phones, particularly women. How many people died in just this past Koriteh period?” Mr Colley told The Standard newspaper. 

He added: “Under Jammeh we had Operation Bulldozer which was a joint security force and because of its work, crime was largely minimised. 

“But when this government came to power they dismantled the unit and all the criminals in the sub-region flooded into The Gambia. 

“The security officers in the country are unprotected and are not given their dues. Look at how they have been vilified at the TRRC?  It sparks fear in them. 

“Remember if you don’t give me my due and I realise I am not protected as an officer then I will sit and watch and that is what is happening.”

Mr Colley said Gambians are now missing Jammeh and his law and order policies to keep the country safe and secure.

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