The Mayor of Banjul Rohey Malick Lowe has reacted to protest over her issuing of attestations to voters in Banjul.

She said the protesters should used the court instead of embarking on a street protest over voter attestation.

A group calling itself Concern Banjulians have accused the mayor, who is member of the opposition United Democratic Party, of issuing attestations to non-Banjul residents and that she does not have the power to issue them. 

“No one can bring me a foreigner and expect me to give him attestation. I will not do it today, I will not do it tomorrow,” Mayor Lowe said. 

“If I look at you and [I’m] satisfied you’re born here or live here, I will give it to that person. But if I look at you and realize you’re not a Gambian, I will not give it to you. If anyone is not happy, you can pick it up with the IEC. This country has laws. You can go to court.”

Attestation is usually given by alkalos to a person without any other form of IDs to be able to register for voter card. It has sparked controversy ahead of the December presidential election as opposition parties suggest that the process is subject to identity fraud.

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