Former Vice President of the Gambia, Bakaray Dabo, has registered his new political party, Gambia For All, with the Independent Electoral Commission.

According to a press release from the Electoral Commission the registration was officially done today (January 2) “after having met the requirements for registration under Section 105 of the Elections Act 2009”.

The party’s colours are light blue and gold; while its symbol is a swarm of bees on wings with a corn cob. The party’s motto is Tesito, Justice, Discipline.

BB Dabo as he is fondly known registered himself as the Secretary General and Party Leader of the Gambia For All (GFA).

The veteran politician had over three decades of political experience and a former ally of the late president Sir Dawda Jawara. Last year BB Dabo fell out with his former party, the People’s Progressive Party, after he lost a leadership contest which he alleged was rigged.  

In what is increasingly becoming a crowded political field, the new party will raise eyebrow among the Gambian electorate. In a country of 2 million people, there are about 15 registered political parties vying for the chance to shape the destiny of the country.  

Yesterday President Barrow registered his new political party as he aimed to win a second term. 

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