Police have been accused of revoking the permit of the much anticipated album launch of ‘Jutuneya’ over the song ‘Ajindi’ meaning “step down” by O Boy and Gambian child.

Police on Thursday revoked the permit that was granted to the musicians who were expecting to launch their debut album on Friday 9 April at Qcity.

They cited coronavirus restrictions on public gatherings as the reason why the permit was revoked. 

But the musicians said it was because of their controversial song Ajindi (step down) which may be seen as anti-government. 

“Gambia this is what is happening right [now]. Because of my latest song Ajindi, the police revoke[d] my permit for the launching tomorrow,” O Boy wrote on his Facebook page.

O Boy and Gambian child will hold a press conference later on Thursday.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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