The Gambia Taekwondo Masters have asked the National Sports Council to reorganise a disputed electoral congress of the association to avoid leadership vacuum.

The current executive of the association whose term ended in August 12 “clandestinely” organised an eletoral congress which sparked fierce dispute after the masters of sporting barred entry of the voters into Gambia National Olympic headquaters on 30 November.

Speaking at a press conference held at Daddy Jobe Senior Secondary School, Baba Sarr, President of The Gambia Taekwondo Masters lashed out at the current executive for their “incompetence to move Taekwondo forward” in the country.

“They also violated the constitution by inviting people who never paid to vote [that] is corruption,” he said.

Master Sarr also urged the National Sports Council to help reoganise a legal electoral congress to avoid leadership vacuum within the sporting discipline.

“We want the Sports Council to call all the affillitated members and reorganise this electoral congress and we will all have the right to vote,” he added.

Meanwhile Baba Ceesay alias Balanced, who is the secretary general of The Gambia Taekwondo Masters, said: “It’s high time for us now to start something and it has to start now.

“This is just a press conference, maybe he didn’t tell you that there is another plan we are about to do after the press conference if they don’t respond because we want our Taekwondo back.

“We represent Taekwondo and we want it back and we want to represent Taekwondo in the Olympic. We want The Gambia to be represented in the Olympic,” he added.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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