File photo of the first African patient in China to recover from the Covid-19 coronavirus

The Gambia’s first coronavirus patient has been discharged from hospital after making full recovery, the Health ministry has said.

The 28-year-old Gambian woman tested positive for the virus last month after returning from the United Kingdom. She was discharged along with the third coronavirus patient in the country. 

Speaking at a news conference on Wednesday, Dr Ahmadou Samateh, said: “The first and third COVID-19 (patients)in The Gambia are declared to have recovered from the disease as two consecutive tests going by the guidelines have been discharged from the hospital.”

According to him, per 6WHO guidelines, the two consecutive negative tests of individuals is a confirmation of recovery.

“All five recent laboratory test results received yesterday till today are all negative, and this includes lab test for the first diagnosed COVID-19 in The Gambian and the third diagnosed COVID-19 in The Gambia as well, these tests have been negative,” he said.

Dr Samateh added: “However, we want to emphasis this doesn’t give any room for complacency, this means we should still be as vigilant as possible. People recovering doesn’t mean we should take the disease lightly because we know that the mortality is increasing worldwide.”

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