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Gambia Action Party’s deputy secretary general has slammed Barrow’s administration over the rise in coronavirus cases, which he said doesn’t come as a surprise to his party.

Omar Beyai said the remarks in an exclusive interview with Gambiana as the country’s coronavirus cases passed the 3,000 mark. 

“The rise of the Gambia’s Covid-19 cases is not a surprise to the Gambia Action Party because of the government’s inaction to curb the spread of the virus. GAP would have introduced a robust approach to fight against Covid -19 in all parts of the country,” Mr Beyai said.

He however added: “In order to make Gambia free from this calamitous global disaster, a GAP led government would have conducted a mandatory national testing process across the country and gather all the victims for proper medical treatment and also sensitize proper social distancing, sanitary measures and the use of facial masks.”

Meanwhile, he said the authorities should have completely shutdown the borders on the outset of the virus outbreak in the country to stop its spreading.

He added that his party would have “controlled both the official and unofficial borders with the neighbouring Senegal and the international gateway to remain shut down until the world COVID-19 cases are better.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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