Memba Barry, brother of the late Ebrima Barry, expressed his family’s grief and anguish over his brutal death in 2000.

Sub-inspector Mbemba Barry, the hafl brother of Ebrima Barry, whose death at the hands of the security forces led to the April 10/11 student protests, has said the regime of former president Yahya Jammeh “did nothing about the death of his brother”.

The police officer was testifying before the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission on the circumstances surrounding the death of Ebrima Barry, a student, in 2000.

“The government did nothing about it (his death),” he said.

The late Ebrima Barry was killed by personnel of the Gambia Fire and Rescue Services who beat him to death while in their custody.

Mbemba Barry said the death of his brother has caused a “great grief” to their family.

He related the trauma of Ebrima Barry’s death on their parents and how it contributed to their untimely deaths.

Meanwhile, he said that some of the students who were arrested during the April 10/11 protests were taken to the Janjangbureh Prison.

He said his brother’s death came as a result of an altercation he had with his teacher who later reported him to personnel of the Fire and Rescue Services who tortured him leading to his death.

He said his late father told him that he went to the offices of the Fire and Rescue Services to get Ebrima Barry released but that the officers refused his request.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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