The minister of Health Dr Ahmadou Samateh has warned the public not to stigmatise people “infected or affected” by coronavirus.

Dr Samateh said a disturbing trend was developing in some section of society were people had publicly stigmatised or discriminated individuals or groups associated with the coronavirus.

“We are getting reports that various individuals and groups including the Markaz, Numuyel community and even some health workers are being stigmatised and discriminated against for the mere fact that they had a positive case from amongst them or in the case of the health workers for providing their services for positive cases.”

He urged the public to desist from such discriminatory practices against individuals and peoples “infected or affected” by the coronavirus.

“The people who are infected or affected deserve our compassion. We appeal to the public to treat them with a lot of compassion, understanding and support.”

Meanwhile the Health minister confirmed that 14 tests were conducted yesterday “all of which came out negative. Two were repeat tests on the first case and third case (respectively).”

He said 97 tests have been conducted so far(92 test were negative, 4 test were positive and one was a probable case).

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