Presidential hopeful Bankole Alhazi says he will legalise cannabis in The Gambia if he wins the December 4 presidential election.

Bankole, the first Rasta and pro-cannabis politician in The Gambia, says cannabis should be decriminalised due to its medical benefits. 

The presidential aspirant was speaking to journalists at the launch of his presidential campaign at Tamala Beach Hotel in Kololi on Saturday. 

“[I] Bankole Alhazi, I believe in legalising cannabis. [And] it  must go through parliament.

“Now why do i believe in legalising it? [This is] because the UN has decriminalised cannabis [and] the WHO is calling for studies on the medical benefits of cannabis.”

He questioned why would police arrest cannabis smokers and let go alcohol drinkers “scot-free”.

“If we are going to allow alcohol, if we are going to allow cigarette, if we are going to allow prostitution – then allow the people to smoke,” he said.

His unorthodox appearance has raised eyebrows among the electorate. Bankole 

said he should not be judged on his looks but instead people look at his policies.

“I think if Gambians are serious enough, they should not ask my about hairstyle because it’s not the hair that does the work, and if Gambians don’t appreciate appearance and they want to remain suffering, let them continue. But the hair will not be cut off,” he said. 

Reporting by Adama Makasuba 

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