A printed T-shirt from the protest movement calling for President Adama Barrow to step down in December to honour the Coalition M.O.U agreement

The Minister of Interior, Ebrima Mballow, has called for dialogue with the leaders of the protest movement, ‘3 Years Jotna’ in the interest of peace, The Standard newspaper reports.

In an interview with The Standard newspaper on Saturday Mr. Mballow said the calls for President Barrow to step down after three years was not constitutional.

“I think there is no dispute on the three years, because three years is not the constitutional mandate and the Gambian people voted president Barrow for five years, and the document was not signed by any political leader because I saw the document myself,” the Interior minister said.

Interior Ministry Ebrima Mballow

“I still believe that the Coalition leaders have a big role to play in this and so they should come together and talk to their people to respect the rule of law and to maintain peace and stability. No one can do any meaningful politics or indeed any other activity in the absence of peace in the country.”

Minister Mballow urged Gambians, especially the youth to be law-abiding and not to allow themselves to be used by any individual or group to destabilise the peace and stability in the country.

He clarified on a speech he gave two months ago in Brikama in which he threatened to use a police ‘hot’ water canon on would be protesters.

“There is no one in this world who will stand and pour hot water on someone. We are all human beings and we are all Gambians and mature as well.

“I am also a Gambian and I have the right of freedom of speech, and I did not say we will pour hot water on people deliberately.

I am not saying if Gambians come out we will pour hot water on them. What I mean is for them to follow the due process of the law before coming out.”

The Interior minister said he recognised that The Gambia is a democratic state where people have the right to demonstrate as long as it is peaceful and orderly.

“It is our collective responsibility as the citizens of this country to ensure that peace and stability continues to reign here. This matter is simple, everyone knows that the president is voted into power for five years,” he added.

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