Former president Yahya Jammeh has told a GDC-APRC rally in Kombo South that he warned Gambians about the consequencies of his exit in power.

Jammeh said Gambians are suffering under Barrow’s administration than ever before and renewed call on them to vote President Adama Barrow out of office in December to “end their suffering”.

Jammeh, now living in exile in Equatorial Guinea, was speaking through a telephone link to supporters. 

He said: “I once said it in a meeting at Tanji that if I leave this country for even the farmers to eat fish it will be difficult, didn’t my word stand?

“The Gambian women are suffering under the rule of President Adama Barrow and all sources of earning for the women are closed.”

“They fool Gambians that the tourists are not coming as they are supposed to be because of me, before if someone had a small sickness the person ran to the hospital, especially the pregnant women who would go to the nurse during their pregnancy period before they gave birth and now if they are pregnant, they are scared. 

“I am urging the women to come together as one family and stop tribalism and stand with one voice to vote out the current government,” he added.

 “During my time, even if you sent a child to the shop, you would have the hope he would return if the child delayed the way you were playing with the fellow children, but now even adults are afraid to go to shop during the night,” Jammeh said.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba 

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