The former President Yahya Jammeh has told a rally in Garawol, Upper River Region that his return is inevitable. 

“I left for Equatorial Guinea because of an agreement with ECOWAS, AU and others and if they are not respecting the law I am coming back to the country, Adama Barrow has been saying he is a law-abiding president but has been violating the law in so many ways,” Jammeh. 

“People are dying like dogs; we have seen containers of drugs coming into the country. We should all unite and vote him out.

“Barrow destroyed everything good I left for the Gambians to benefit from, the hospitals, agriculture and education. And I promised free medical care to all Gambians within three years when GDC, APRC and GAP administration wins this election.”

“We would regulate the security sector by ensuring every Gambian’s safety, I am aware that Senegalese people are attacking Gambians for cutting their trees, I promise all this will stop within one week when we get into power because Gambia is a sovereign state,” he added.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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