Opposition leader Mama Kandeh has reacted to President Adama Barrow’s warning that he should stop having former president Yahya Jammeh address his campaign rallies.

Kandeh, who leads a loose opposition alliance with a breakaway faction of the former ruling APRC loyal to Jammeh, said he won’t be cowed.

He told a rally on Wednesday in Kerr Sait Maram in Central River Region South that he will be inviting Jammeh to speak in his next rally.

Kandeh said: “I have heard his statement and we agree to it. He said no one is above the law and that’s true. You said you’re the president and that too is true.

“But my response to Adama Barrow is that Yahya Jammeh will be speaking at a meeting. Since Adama Barrow said if that happens again, he will invoke the law against Mama Kandeh. So we are waiting for that law tomorrow.”

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