National Assembly member for Tumana has pleaded to the Ministry of Health to help build a health centre in the district. 

Speaking during the end of a month session in Parliament, Foday Drammeh described having a health centre in his constituency as a right of residents.

“It is a guarantee to health. It is not an option but a constitutional right,” he said.

“Since 2017 a lot of promises were made to [the] people of Tumana [with] regards to clean drinking water but no results had been seen so far.

Drammeh called on the ministry to offer him the list that supposed to benefit from this project of clean drinking water and the challenge the ministry faced in delivering vital health services to the Tumana constituency.

“we cannot leave everything in the hands of the donors as they cannot do everything,” adding that “there should be an alternative if they fails the government can intervene.

“Our leaders should not continue lying to us as in 2017 the president on his campaign made lot of promises and nothing have been fulfilled.”

He lashed out at the government for failing to address the issues of unemployment. 

“This government has failed in their responsibility,” he said. 

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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