Liberia’s president, George Weah, warns the Liberian media against negative reporting

Liberia’s president, George Weah, has called on the Liberian media to report positive developments and desist from reportage that portrays a negative image of the country.

The president, who recently decriminalised free speech through an Act of the National Legislature, said while he does not intend to influence media content, it was important that media reports convey facts and truths of happenings in the country as their professional and national responsibility.

“To my friends who are members of the Fourth Estate, let me indicate that we need the image of this country to be portrayed in a very positive way. When you see good things, you must talk about them; when you see bad things, you can also talk about them,” President Weah admonished the media, adding: “Report the truth. Report facts.”

Speaking Wednesday, August 7 during the official dedication of the Old Road Market, the President asserted that it is unhealthy and harmful for the peace and development of Liberia for the media to report lies in the face of truth.

“You can’t see the truth and report the wrong,” he said to accentuate the negative effects of growing misdirected media reportages.

“You have given me a six-year mandate; it will not take a day to reconstruct the country or two weeks to revamp the economy,” President Weah told the crowd in an effort to dismiss growing criticism that his administration is not working to improve the lives of Liberians.

The President asserted that his government is working untiringly to fix the bad economy it inherited, and indicated that no other President before him has achieved what he has achieved in less than
two years in office.

“Our agenda is to develop Liberia. My plan is to ensure the realization of promises I made to develop Liberia through roads construction and improvement of agriculture,” he stressed, noting: “This is why we are building roads, we are making sure that all untidy structures are changed and Liberians are empowered to be able to grow their own food.”

He bemoaned the fact that other Liberians continue to criticize in spite of the tremendous efforts being made to develop the country, adding, “There are other citizens who still criticize this market to
insinuate that the government is doing nothing.”

Describing himself as record breaker and talk-and-do, President Weah called on Liberians not to listen to those in whose care the country was entrusted for 100 years and did nothing to show in terms of their achievements.

“What was damaged during the 14 years of civil war,” he said, “cannot be fixed in a day’s time. This government is focused on rehabilitating Liberians whose lives were damaged. I want you not to join those who are undermining the country through protests. Join me to rebuild the


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