Covid-19 Testing in community

The Ministry of Health has launched a nationwide awareness campaign that seeks to clarify misconception around covid vaccines among some members of the public.

The disease has killed over 300 and infected close to 12,000 people including men, women, and children in The Gambia. 

Modou Njie, director of health promotion at the Ministry of Health, said: “We feel we need to come with the same strategy now to talk to people about that misconception they have with regard to the vaccine. 

“We are going to start that campaign and it has already started and rest assured with the support of the media.

“Many people believe when men take the vaccination it affects their reproductive system and also women taking, they will bear children.”

“So, this is really at the back of the minds of certain people and this is where we were able to hammer, we were able to clarify. And in fact, all our staff were able to take the vaccine and they are married and they are getting children and those examples were able to motivate some people to get vaccinated,” he added.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba 

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