The National Council for Civic Education (NCCE) in partnership with the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has started on Saturday a nationwide dialogue tour on democracy, good governance, tolerance and reconciliation.

The tour is expected to end on October 17 with the aim of consolidating democratic governance and peaceful coexistence in the country. At least 48 communities are expected to be visited by the team.

Speaking to journalists at Ballanghar, Lower Saloum, Yusupha Bojang programme manager for the National Council for Civic Education said “there is a misconception of what democracy is among the people in the country”, adding that “some people think democracy means lawlessness and (for them to) do whatever they want to do.”

“We have realised it is going to be challenging to establish a democracy and also to sustain it, and as we are currently experiencing in the country now. There are lots of divisions, and there are lots of fracas. There are (also) lots of tensions happening in the country as a result of politics,” he said.

Mr. Bojang described the tour as crucial in their bid to enlighten and engage with the nation about democracy and rule of law to further promote peace and coexistence in the country.

Meanwhile during a public dialogue in Ballanghar, chief of Lower Saloum Alhagie Ali Touray said: “there is no politics in this (civic campaign). They are doing this for the nation.”

He urged people to respect the law and (the ideals of) democracy saying “let people desist from abusing the law.”

Fanta Touray, ward councillor, described the civic campaign as “important” while urging people in her ward and the nation to attend the civic dialogue.

She said: “civic education helps people to know about their national rights and promote peace.”

Modou Touray also a native of Ballanghar said democracy came to guide people on the rule of law while denouncing people in power who abuse their power and take advantage of the less privileged in society.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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