Musa Sonko, deputy party leader of the National Reconciliation Party (NRP), has slammed his party executives over an alleged plot ‘to sell the party to President Adama Barrow’ ahead of the 2021 presidential election.

In a statement, Mr Sonko said he had refused all press interviews regarding the matter which he added were aimed at safeguarding the integrity of the party.

Rumors circulating in town are alleging that the party executives wanted ‘to sell the party to President Adama Barrow’.

However, weeks ago, the party’s Minority Leader at the National Assembly along with other MPs denied the allegations at a press conference convened at the National Assembly.

Mr Sonko said: “this total disregarded for the party constitution and party executive and cherished members is what is totally unacceptable to me and the other dignified members of the NRP.

“Never and over our dead body will we allow self-centred and
egocentric individuals to take a registered political party on
democratic principles as their personal property or enterprise and in contravention of the party constitution and democratic practise.

“But since that positive expectations and show of unity of purpose have
not been observed and demonstrated but instead the Minority Leader and the others MPs have chosen their own meeting confined to themselves at his house and have decided to face the press at the National Assembly.

“Instead of our party political bureau, the onus is therefore on me as
the deputy now to approach the press as the Minority Leader with my
colleagues and explain to all and sundry what he (Hon Samba Jallow)
told us at a meeting organized by him through Pa Touray Bajinka, the
party administrative secretary at our party political bureau a day
before Tobaski.”

Mr Sonko said: “it was at that meeting where Hon Samba Jallow informed us of the meeting Hon Hamat Bah and 5 MPs had with President Adama Barrow. He vividly explained to us that Hon Bah the party leader led them to
President Barrow where he intimated to President Barrow and to them
that he was tired and can no longer finance the party.

“As a result he has handed over the party to Barrow. But to protect the interest of the party they have asked for the post of the Vice President, Speaker of the National Assembly and some ministries, but as Hon Hamat Bah cannot or is not willing to face us that is why he took it to himself to convene this meeting to inform us on developments.”

He said he suggested to Hon Jallow for a committee of eminent persons
in the party to be set up to take charge of any future political
engagement with the Barrow camp in a transparent and accountable
manner. He added that Hon Jallow agreed to his suggestion and a committee was immediately set-up.

He urged the minority leader Samba Jallow and his team of MPs that “to
be called an Honorable member is indeed a National Honour.”

He however, said “let me abundantly make it clear that this is not a
war against President Barrow but a fight for dignity and voice for the
vulnerable members of the NRP who are dejected, marginalized and being
exploited by a leader whose only concern is himself and his immediate

“To him I say the NRP members deserve more for their constructive and dedicated service rendered during the struggle after
you abandoned President Barrow and swore never to campaign for him.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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