(Sitting in front of the Band in this picture is the singer Oussou Njie)

Oussou Njie, who has died aged 77 after a brief illness, was a doyen of Gambian music. 

A man who has done so much for Gambia and Africa as lead singer of the Super Eagles Jazz band. He made his name and success in the UK, USA, Ghana and Senegal. He was the seal of the Super Eagles. 

My sincere condolences to the Njie Family of 27 Buckle Street, musicians and the music fraternity, relatives, friends, love ones in Gambia, Senegal and abroad, Waa Banjul, Waa St. Louis Ndar, Serekunda, Pipline Mosque, to all the regions of the Gambia, from Cape Point to Koina and to all his fans and friends from far and Near. 

Today Gambia Cries. Joy Le Len Ma!

Oussou Njie, this man was a music teacher in his last days, teaching youths in music, performance, creating music service and youth employment training in the arts of singing and composition, an intelligent poet, serious and philosophical. 

He was a learned man, a St. Augustine High school scholar. He spoke many local and international languages. He was the brain of the Super Eagles, acting manager, businessman of the band and spokesperson.

He was the one who when he sees someone unhappy, underprivileged, and needy, he will make you a friend, attached you to himself, sharing whatever he has and never stopped helping people. 

A gentleman, he never did wrong in the Gambia. He was the prefect human. Oussou Njie was a God gift to Gambia and he was true to the Gambia. 

He sang the most popular song of the Gambia including Bada Touray, Dawda Serge, Mandal Ly, Gambia Sunu Rew. Gambia Zambia, Fiesta Vous , Haleli Africa, Viva Super Eagles and many many more.

We will never forget you Oussou Njie, your good heart, your wisdom, your kindness, your fun and laughter, your kind gifts and charity, your love. 

Oussou Njie opened a Youth Club forthe youth called the TAKE FIVE , he also opened a clothes shop called Must Stop, to dress Gambian youths, he opened a Record Shop selling musical instruments,  a Restaurant, and an industrial company called Benjie company employing many Gambia Youths.

He was a Good Man professional Composer, Song writer, Story teller and top class Singer. Oussou together with Pa Touray, and Edu Hafner were the forefront of the Super Eagles Band that brought the Gambia to fame and success. 

He was the Big letter “S” in the Super Eagles and when he left the Band he became Greater with his solo album FATEL LEKU meaning Remembrance. An album of a legend that summed up his music career.

He is gone but he has left us with value, a lasting value. He was a Great Man. A Giant in AFRICA.

By Oko Drammeh

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