Police have arrested 137 people linked to the political pressure group 3 Years Jotna after a violent protest on Sunday.

The leaders of the anti-government group and there supporters as well as some journalists have been arrested in a move wildly seen as a clampdown on the anti-Barrow group.

The group’s Sunday protest was organised to demand the resignation of President Adama Barrow. It became violent after police revoked their permit. About 27 people were injured (18 police officers and 7 civilians) in clashes between the police and the protesters.

On Monday the Gambia government banned the 3 Years Jotna group calling it a “subversive, violent and illegal movement”.

The government said the group “never registered and is determined to illegally unseat the constitutionally elected president”.

Barrow’s government also shutdown two radio stations its accused of peddling “incendiary messages and allowed their media to be used as a platforms for inciting violence” by encouraging Gambians to join the movement.

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