A Gambian migrant in Sevilla, Spain has been hailed a “hero” for saving the life of a Spanish woman. 

Yusupha Ebrima Joof said he was on a bus heading for an appointment and at a bus stop he saw some of the passengers rushing to help a woman that has fainted. 

Yusupha, a former Red Cross volunteer in the Gambia trained in first aid, rushed to help the woman. 

“I did some first aid physical examination to confirm what’s exactly wrong with her but I later realised that she wasn’t also breathing well and was gasping for air. 

“But because she is a woman, I asked the female by-standards to loosen her tight fittings to promote free blood circulation. 

“And then I started doing CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) while also telling the other passengers to call for ambulance,” Yusupha told Gambiana. 

“I was able to save the woman with the help of Allah before the arrival of the ambulance and doctors,” he added. 

The woman regained consciousness and was taken to hospital for further treatment. 

The paramedics and passengers called him a hero and applauded his intervention. 

They were so impressed with his selfless act that they contacted the Spanish media to report the story. 

Yusupha, who arrived in Spain two years ago on a migrant boat from Mauritania, was featured in the Spanish media. 

He was interviewed by journalists from Sevilla’s leading radio and TV stations where he was praised for his “heroic act”.

The 22-year-old currently works with the Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid to provide support to other migrants and refugees in Spain.

He is also a physio and speaks several languages.

When Gambiana asked him why he decided to help the Spanish woman instead of waiting for an ambulance, Yusupha said: “Well I believe it’s my duty as a health personel to help the sick wherever and whenever it may happen in my presence.”

Reporting by Momodou Musa Touray

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