Presidential aspirant Bankole Alhazi has called on the country’s old politicians to retire from frontline politics and give chance to a young cadre of leaders to shape the destiny of The Gambia.

Bankole made the statement at a press conference today at Tamala Beach in Kololi as he launched his campaign for the December 4 presidential election.

“For me the battle is young versus the old. The old guards want to hold on. Yes you’ve done your job, most of you are over 65. [And] 65 is the reirement [age] but they still want to hold on. Why?

“You people brought us up, now please give us chance to also run the country.”  

Bankole, who is popularly known as  Rasta, has pleaded to Gambians not to judge him by his dreadlocks, but rather by his political policies.

He said the country’s youths have been failed and have limited opportunities to better themselves. 

“I thought we are the ones feeling this, but in fact these small boys are also feeling the same problem. 

“You finishibg Grade 12 [and] you’re trying to get an ID card [and] they start stressing [you]…but we are the ones that can change that narrative.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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