Public health workers have suspended their nationwide strike for better pay and living conditions days after a government’s return-to-work ultimatum 

According to their union, the decision to suspend the strike is due to concerns about the welfare of the population they are serving. 

The Association of Public Health and Environmental Officers (APHEOG) said it met with the membership yesterday (2 July) to discuss the nationwide strike action. 

“After several deliberations during the congress, the membership has agreed to take a break and resume work while the executive engages in follow-ups regarding the situation,” the body said.

“This decision is triggered by the numerous considerations which are primarily focused on the population the members of the association are serving.”

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Health issued a warning to the striking workers that will be sacked if they failed to return to work. 

However, the union claimed that their decision to call of the strike was not influenced by the government’s ultimatum. 

“We would like to re-echo that this is in no way succumbing to the demands of the authorities on the membership reporting back to work,” the union said. 

“The executive will continue to engage relevant authorities to ensure that the allowances are paid in the soonest time possible,” it added.

“On that note, the APHEOG membership is humbly requested to report back to work on the 4th of July 2022. 

“We will further plead with every member to exercise the professionalism and dedication they are known for at all of their workplaces.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba 

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