The Gambia’s Foreign minister Momodou Tangara has praised African governments’ handling of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and for ensuring that the continent was not epicentre of the disease.

Mr Tangara told a virtual peace conference on silencing the guns in Africa on Monday “The Gambia commends the strong pan-African solidarity that have been manifested in the mitigation of the contagious spread of COVID-19. 

“We congratulate all the Frontline Health Workers for their gallant and selfless sacrifice for our continent.”

The Foreign minister said “we also salute the efforts of the leadership of our continent, the Commission, in particular Africa CDC, for ensuring that the African continent does not become the next epicentre for the spread of this pandemic.”

He added: “although the COVID-19 pandemic has unfortunately been challenging, I am pleased that it has not stymied the implementation of the programmes of our Union particularly on promoting sustainable peace, security and development.”

The virtual peace summit was organised by the African Union to address the underlying issues that aggravate insecurity and promote sustainable development in the continent. 

Foreign minister Momodou Tangara told the delegates “the efforts toward this important state of affairs should not be derailed by the prevailing global circumstances. 

“This conference demonstrates the African ingenuity and resolve to address the fundamental concerns of our Continent within the context of the current pandemic.”

He said the Gambia with the support of the African Union has developed and implemented strategies for its national security sector reforms.

“The Gambia Government has created the Office of a National Security Adviser and a Ministerial Steering Committee to develop with the visible support of technical expertise a National Security Strategy and Policies that will create disciplined Armed and Security Forces capable of promoting our democratic ideals and norms.“

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