Nigerians found to have committed crimes in the United Kingdom (UK) will be sent home.

Minister of Interior Priti Patel announced as part of a deportation plan to get foreign convicts sent to their countries of origin.

The minister struck a deal with the Nigerian government recently to allow the UK government to expedite the deportation process to the West African country.

Foreign criminals including those from Nigeria could not be removed before the end of their jail terms but Patel’s plan backed by a new law will now allow the the ministry to deport Nigerian criminals up to a year before the end of their sentences.  

As the number of foreign criminals reaches a record high in the UK, Patel is hoping this new move will see the number of criminals deported increase.

Patel said: “It is an important development that the UK and Nigeria have signed an agreement to co-operate on migration issues, to tackle illegal migration and the significant threat it poses to both nations.

“The deal will mean that operational teams in both countries will share their expertise to take the fight to criminal people smugglers who are responsible for a wider range of criminality and put profit before people while undermining the security of our two countries.

“This landmark agreement will increase the deportation of dangerous foreign criminals to make our streets and country safer.”

Albania, India, and Serbia are other countries the Home Office made similar deals with.

Reporting by Muritala Bakare

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