National Assembly

Vice President Dr Isatou Touray has told lawmakers to show “objectivity in their interventions”, after they rejected the president’s nominee for Ombudsman, Babucarr A Suwareh.

“So, when you try to come up with a course (of action) let it be objective and professional, this is what I believe. So, that we don’t stand to talk (about) certain things. I know you have the exclusive right for that.

“The body that the President (consulted)…is the most competent body – the Public Service Commission, the PMO … the due process was followed,” Dr Touray told lawmakers at the National Assembly in Banjul.

She added: “Let’s us think seriously on how we think about analysing issues. Yes, it’s about analyses, administrators are always analysing, leaders are always analysing the situations. And therefore, it’s important for you – lawmakers when things come they have to be looked at from (that perspective).

“…the provisions that are giving and I was appreciative of that. Now for this to be there that sub-section 1 provided that where a National Assemby rejects a person nominated by the President it shall not again reject the person nominated to replace him or her.”

The Vice President told the lawmakers that the President is not taking “your power, the President recognises your power”.

She urged the lawmakers “let us not be emotional, let us not feel that (what) we are doing is for somebody else (but rather) we are doing it for our country.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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