Dodou Jah, APRC deputy spokesman, has said the party needs to secure a seat at the Kanifing Municipal Council in the upcoming council election in 2023.

“Everybody knows APRC is a big party and before a party shows its power it has to hold on to something. We just don’t go into alliance to fold our hands and sit on the side that kills a party and the members of the party will not see themselves.

“That’s why I say APRC needs KMC. Unless we have some other alternatives, but presently I see our power is to have somewhere to lean on and KMC no one will not doubt KMC is APRC’s stronghold. And I believe no one knows how to work the council more than us,” he said.

“The party has not taken any decision on selection of the upcoming KMC mayoral candidate. Just what people have seen on social media is my flyer which is not my work. 

“I didn’t create that flyer but APRC is a party and we have committed young people who aim to uplift and develop APRC. And their view is APRC has to be represented in KMC and they see me as the right candidate. But that is not the decision of the party,” he added.

“What I can say is that I was trained in politics. I belong to the people of a party and I cannot decide for myself, but whatever people need, that’s what I will work towards. I cannot rule out, but whatever they decide I will go by that. And I have worked with lots of young committed people within the APRC,” he continued.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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