Scores of residents in Banjul New Primate have linked the death of Senegalese businessman to the poor drainage system in the capital.

According to residents, the deceased commonly known as ‘Sibo’ died on Saturday after falling through a drainage hole during flooding caused by heavy rains.

Sibo, who suffered fatal head injury, was reported to have been cycling home after work.

The corpse has been repatriated to his homeland of Touba in Senegal for burial. 

Alagie Kah a resident who witnessed the fatal accident told Gambiana “Just on Saturday, a businessman died here when he closed from work from the market.  

“He was riding a bicycle and when he came up to Mosque Road Junction with New Primate, there is a drainage hole where he fell in and his head collided on the blocks and he died.”

Another resident Teneh Badjie, linked the man’s death to poor drainage of the city saying they are in fear anytime it rains “stepping out your home is very risky because you wouldn’t see where to step your feet.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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  1. what do you expect.”
    Africa has for many hundreds of years lined the pockets of the leaders.
    And so to hell with everyone and everything else.
    Same old story, I’m ok, screw everyone else.

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