The U.N. migration agency says a boat carrying dozens of migrants has capsized in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Mauritania, causing the deaths of at least 57 people.

Laura Lungarotti, head of the International Organization for Migration, said on Twitter that more than 83 migrants from Gambia survived the shipwreck Wednesday.

Ms Lungarotti added that women and children were among the dead.

“Many drowned. The ones who survived swam up to the Mauritanian coast close to the city of Nouadhibou,” she told the Associated Press.

“The Mauritanian authorities are very efficiently coordinating the response with the agencies currently present in the northern city.”

Agency spokeswoman Safa Msehli said survivors have told the U.N. body that the boat had left the Gambia on November 27 carrying some 150 migrants.

The boat was headed toward the Canary Islands when it tried to approach the Mauritanian coast to get fuel and food.

The Gambia authorities are yet to make a statement about the tragic incident off the coast of Mauritania.


  1. Avatar Hilda Kiwasila says:

    They should stay in their countries and work hard instead of running to other countries exposing themselves to such tragedies. Is there a civil war in Gambia? why run away from your own country?Shame on us!!

    • There is something worse than civil war in some of these sh!t hole countries but words can’t explain it unless you experience it you will know why ppl run away their countries.

    • First there has to be work Hilda! And even if you have! I pay 60 Euro per night in my favorite gambian Hotel which is even among the cheaper ones and the stuff earns 50 Euro per month, working 6 days a week????????? Even in Gambia it is hard to survive with this amount! Why do I pay prices for a room nearly the same than in Europe and the workers are payed so bad???? There must be fairness and eguality on this world, and migration will reduce immediately!

  2. Hilda… Have you always lived in an area(country) that provided all of your needs and where you felt safe?

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