Buffer Zone market near Talinding and Latrikunda Sabiji has been temporarily shutdown by the authorities over some “disgusting” night-time activities including drug dealing. 

Modou Njie, market manager for Kanifing Municipal Council, told reporters that his office has issued an order for a temporary closure of the market.

“For now, I have given the order for the market to be closed until further noticed. I have asked all those doing business here to report my office,” he said.

Mr Njie continued: “When I came here during the night, I found almost 50% of the shops operating as bars and I found very small kids playing games. 

“I found groups of people drinking alcohol while others smoking cannabis which was very disgusting as this is a place given by the KMC for business. I can say 75% of the people we found here are non-Gambians. 

“I also found some people preparing to go to bed while others are preparing to cook in shops meant for business. 

“This is very serious and they do very disgusting indiscriminate dumping. I’ve found pig meats being sold here by some people who are not even Gambians. It looks like they only operate during the night.”

He added: “What I have seen here is very disappointing and surprising and I do not even think once that some people will ever do such business activities.

“We have closed six bars and we have cleared the shops and I will do a recommendation to demolish the bars.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba 

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