Gambians both at home and abroad have demanded the resignation of Imam Baba Leigh after being accused of promoting gay rights in the country.

The resignation calls come days after The Standard newspaper’s publication that the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), of which Imam Baba Leigh is a member, had urged The Gambia Government to promote gay rights. 

Lamin Chamang Komma, a US-based Gambian and a senior member of The Gambia civil society coalition leading the resignation campaign, said: “Imam Leigh should either resign from the NHRC or else the people of Kanifing South be forced to remove him as their imam. 

“It has really saddened me to see Imam Leigh still leading prayers at Kanifing South Mosque.  He cannot be part of any organisation that support the protection of gay rights and at the same time remain an Imam.”

Mr Komma urged the Gambia Supreme Islamic Council to ban Imam Leigh from

serving as Imam in the country until he resigned from the National Human Rights Commission.

“He cannot be an Imam and at the same time work for an institution calling for the protection of gay rights. It is forbidden in Islam for anyone to pray behind any Imam that advocates such inhuman practise. Imam Leigh is blinded by greed.”

According to him, why did he not advocate for polygamy when he was in the United State saying “Why should the West protect their cultures and tradition and then want to impose upon us things

that are alien to our culture?”

However hundreds of others are backing the Imam not to resign as they said he was outspoken in the fight against dictatorship when many of those calling for his resignation were “hiding behind their curtains”.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba


  1. Avatarsaikou ceesay says:

    Resign or not, one thing is certain, I will never pray behind him

  2. What right do the supreme Islam council have to tell baba to vacate his position. They did more harm to gambian the baba. Are you not listening my bro. Please give us a break.

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