The Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) has announced that it it will deliver a draft Gambia Constitution soon.

The Commission, which was set up by the Barrow government in 2017, has not given an actual date for the publication of the draft Constitution.

In a press release issued on Sunday the CRC said the draft constitution will be presented to Gambians at home and abroad to discuss and debate the provisions of the draft before finalisation.

The chairman of the CRC, Justice Cherno Sulayman Jallow, said “significant strides have been made in collating and analysing the public opinions received during the CRC’s consultation processes.

Justice Cherno Jallow

“The public opinions were gathered through different processes to ensure that a broad spectrum of Gambians were reached in order to ensure a fair balance to guide the CRC in making informed decisions during the drafting process.

“These processes were the face-to-face dialogue with Gambians at home, face-to-face dialogue with Gambians living abroad, focused group discussions, dialogue with select Senior Secondary Schools, conduct of household surveys using specified enumeration areas, administration of online survey questionnaires, dialogue with stakeholders (both public and private), the CRC Issues Document and responses thereto, independent submissions to the CRC, and contributions made through social and the print media.”

Justice Jallow added that the public consultation process had been “a very challenging but fruitful one”.

He said the CRC had learnt a lot “in terms of the views and aspirations of Gambians and other stakeholders”.

The CRC said the period for public consultations will be one month from the date of publication of the draft Constitution.

“The face-to-face dialogue within the country is envisaged to be for a two-week period. This will enable the CRC to complete its assignment as mandated under the Constitutional Review Commission Act, 2017,” the CRC said.

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