Police have arrested eight people for allegedly using waste tyres to smoke cow hides – food locally known as ‘cow canda’ – as Food Safety and Quality Authority continues a clampdown on non-compliant food business operators.

Ethein Sylva, a staff of Food Safety and Quality Authority who shared details with Gambiana, said the accused persons included two men and six women.

“Eight people are currently in police custody for allegedly using waste tyres to smoke cow hides, otherwise called “cow canda” in our local dialects. 

“The accused persons (two men and six women) were arrested in an early morning raid while in the act at a deserted place behind the slaughterhouse in Abuko, on Tuesday 21st June, 2022,” he said.

According to Mr Sylva, the operation was jointly conducted by officials of the Food Safety and Quality Authority and the Police, who were acting on a tip-off from a concerned consumer.

“This is a developing story, but efforts are already underway to issue corrective measures which will serve as a deterrent to the alleged offenders.”

“Food Safety and Quality Authority is continuing with its unalloyed resolve to clamp down on non-compliant Food Business Operators, and this will be a success if the public supports us by advancing complaints to our 1299 hotline.

“Research has shown that chemicals like polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and heavy metals which are found in rubber crumbs have been identified as harmful to human health and the environment,” he added.

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