Former Gambian minister Momodou Sabally has blasted African leaders for their silence and inaction over the deaths of almost hundred African migrants last Friday.

The migrants died in a stampede while trying to cross into Spain Melilla enclave from Morocco. 

A Gambian migrant from Sinchu Baliya was one of those who lost their lives in the tragic incident. 

Rights groups have called for an investigation into the incident and that the culprits should face justice.

Despite the calls by rights groups, African leaders have yet to make public statements about the tragedy. 

Former minister Sabally, who said he was left disheartened and stressed about the tragedy after seeing a video, has singled out the current African Union chairman Macky Sall. 

“These are the type of leaders like Macky Sall that Africans should get rid of because he is the leader of the African Union, this incident happened and he kept silent over it. 

“Because they see the EU and Morocco commit this incident and they believe those bodies are better than them so they will not say anything,” Sabally said.

He also criticised The Gambia’s foreign ministry for not condemning the act and engaging the Moroccan government over the maltreatment of Gambians and other African migrants. 

He described the country’s foreign policy as “meaningless”. 

“So, Momodou Tangara [Foreign minister] what is your purpose of work if the country which has diplomatic ties with The Gambia keeps violating the rights of Gambians?

“That’s why when it comes to the area of foreign policy, I like Yahya Jammeh because the west is not better than us. They give something and take something from us. So, should we make ourselves slaves to them?”

“I keep saying this that The Gambia’s foreign policy is a dogo-dogo foreign policy to make yourself in their eyes of your counterpart a slave,” he added.

Sabally continued: “I am sad to see Gambians who sustained injuries in this tragic accident. May God help you all in achieving your goals.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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