Police Anti-Crime Unit officers have arrested five burglary suspects in Mandinaring Village for breaking into shops to steal cash and goods. 

The suspects, Abdou Manneh, Alieu Manneh, Alagie Manga, Bakary Conteh, and Haruna Sarr who are from Mandinaring Village, were rounded up by Police Anti-Crime Unit.

“Earlier on two shops were broken into at Mandinaring village and owners violently robbed of their properties, the Anti-Crime Unit launched a robust investigation into the incident leading to the arrest of all suspects.

“The weapons used to perpetrate the heinous crime such as cutlasses, stones among others, were all recovered as evidence. They are currently being charged with robbery with violence [and are] awaiting court actions,” police said in a statement. 

Reporting by Adama Makasuba 

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