Gambian security forces have arrested four suspects after violence erupted on villages along the Gambia-Senegal border. 

According to reports, villagers from two neighbouring villages Kerr Mot Haali fought each other on Saturday leading to injuries and destruction of properties. 

The identities of the suspects were not revealed as Gambia police called for calm and have launched an investigation.

Meanwhile, six Gambian villagers were injured in an unrelated incident in Foni Jiking after they were alleged to have been shot at by a Senegalese army drone.  

Details about the alleged shooting are still sketchy and it’s unclear whether the villagers who were fetching firewood in the area were deliberately targeted or hit by stray bullets. 

“We understand that the boys went to the bush to fetch firewood and then Senegalese Forces reportedly fire drone shot which resulted to their injuries,” Foni Kansala National Assembly member Almameh Gibba told The Point.

The injured individuals were receiving medical treatment at the Ndemban Clinic. 

The Gambia Armed Forces have been contacted for comment. 

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