Lecturers at the University of The Gambia  have unanimously authorised a sit-in strike on Thursday (July 1) over pay and working conditions.

The president of the Faculty and Staff Association (UTGFSA) Dr Alieu Gibba said  their concerns and grievances remained unaddressed since 2019. 

He lists out problems including lack of electronic projectors in the classrooms.

 “The environment is not conducive. Most of the students are not benefiting from the university education because the lecturers are not equipped,” Dr Gibba said.

According to him, staff are not striking for themselves but for the benefit of the students adding that the library they are demanding is in the interest of the students not the staff.

However, the vice chancellor of the university Professor Faqir Muhammad Anjum expressed dismay over the lecturers planned strike.

Professor said the strike is “very bizarre and incomprehensible since there were no prior negotiations or dialogue between the management and the UTGFSA executive.”

He added that the university management “condemns such action in the strongest possible term and wishes to assure students that exams will proceed as scheduled. 

“Failure to administer exams by UTG staff from 1st to 15 July 2021 would constitute an act of gross misconduct with grave consequences.

“All heads of Departments, Deans and Faculty officers are to complete all the exams logistically as soon as possible.”

The UTGFSA executive said the strike will go ahead as planned. 

A member of the executive told The Standard that “the strike is popular among the staff.” 

He said out of the 160 staff members only 4 voted against the strike action. 

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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