Hajji Jawara, Gambian consular to Angola and a business tycoon, has placed 10,000 dalasis bounty on the head of a business associate whom he accused of absconding with his 300,000 dalasis. 

Mr Jawara said he assigned the accused to clear his imported vehicles at the port and to sell them for him. 

The diplomat also accused his associate of stealing batteries of some of his imported vehicles costing 7,000 dalasis. 

He is now seeking help of the public in arresting the accused, and is promising a generous cash reward for information leading to his arrest.

Mr Jawara told Gambiana that “the man sold my car at a tune of 750,000 dalasis and he absconded with the money. I have been calling him for two weeks to return my money but he refused. If I call him, he doesn’t pick up my call and it’s been going on for one week now.”

“So, I reported the case to the police who called him to answer to them, but still he refused to abide by the calls of the police. 

“He has my vehicles documents and he hasn’t given me back the vehicles number plates. 

“I imported four of these vehicles and he sold three and ran away with the fourth one’s money. I am appealing to anyone who can help get this man to the police for me, I will pay you 10,000 dalasis,” he added.

“I paid him to clear nine of my vehicles at the ports. But he didn’t complete the four of the vehicles because he didn’t provide the documents of clearance of the vehicles and the keys, he provided to me are the keys of the vehicles. 

“He received a profit of 50,000 dalasis from selling each of the vehicles and I paid him 20,000 dalasis to clear one of the vehicles. And he sold some of the vehicles without the batteries which cost 7,000 dalasis each,” he continued.

The accused could not be reached for comments, but Gambiana will provide him a platform to respond to the allegations against him.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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